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(July 2007)

The Voice of One Crying In the Wilderness

A Protest against the Recent Events of Godless Ecumenism

Source: “Orthodoxos Typos,” March 16, 2007 issue, p. 1.

[Translated from the original Greek by the Holy Monastery of Pantokrator (Thessaloniki), http://www.impantokratoros.gr/ (edited for syntax)].

With this article we would like to express our deepest pain, sorrow and concern for what is happening lately against the unblemished, beloved Orthodoxy by members of the anti-Christian heresy of ecumenism.

They make us forgo our hermitic stillness and raise our humble voice together with other Orthodox resisters; hierarchs, prelates, priests, monks, nuns and lay Orthodox members, “let us stand aright, let us stand with fear.” The Grace of God made us worthy to have as patron saints and guides in our monastic life Righteous Savva the Sanctified and Saint John Damascene, the first-defenders in the battle against the Monophysites and Iconoclasts. Those things which have come to pass at the joint-conferences and liturgical co-celebrations of the godless ecumenists with, unfortunately, the support of “Orthodox” Patriarchs and Hierarchs, has overcome the limits of our charity and patience. Our Orthodox Faith is played with, trespassed and distorted from within and unfortunately the majority remains silent.

Our aforementioned Holy Fathers, whose graceful presence we experience daily, are calling us more than ever before to bravely follow in their footsteps and become vigilant guardians of our over 1,500-year-old, “God-built”, Orthodox Faith. The Sacred and Holy Lavra of Saint Savva boasts in the Lord because it is the cradle of monastics - the mother and sustenance of a multitude of Monk Martyrs, Confessors and Hierarchs throughout the ages. All our monastery’s Saints, both ancient and contemporary, “finished the good fight, kept the faith” and were not, as it was blasphemously written, “unlucky victims of the evil snake” but, full of the Holy Spirit, living even after death as silently declared by the incorrupt relics of Saint Savva. From them, we have learned not to offer incense to, nor to chant the polychronium for, or honor the heretical Pope and the other impious, unrepentant heretics, but on the contrary to abhor and condemn their insane worship.

For starters, a simple visit to the Holy Lands of Palestine, would be enough for the champions of the false coalition of Latins to personally see with their own eyes and ascertain for themselves the underhanded, devious members of Uniates and other false Christians who maintain that we are all one and the same.

Brethren, “God did not give us a spirit of meekness but of power.” The times call us to repentance and true confession of faith. Let nobody become a turncoat and traitor. We should be believers and remain Orthodox until our death, that we may win the crown of life “which our Lord promised to those who love Him”.

With hearty, “fighting” greetings and cordial prayers in the Lord,

Archimandrite Evdokimos